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Creative Minds- know how we were created!!

Summer classes are quite common across the place I come from (Tiruppur, India). Swimming to Computers to what not- that’s right when my friend and me were just chatting on spending a couple of freelancing weekends to kids who are interested in handicraft stuff. We started with quilling 3d dolls, bookmarks and fridge magnets. And soon we received a warm response from kids and their mummies, where we stepped up to do Plaster of Paris(pop) fridge magnets of popular cartoon characters (again well received by kids). When people gradually started to suggest, what if you guys make- return gifts for birthday parties - we realized we as a company has already nurtured- then, we shifted the gears!

We, Creative Minds, are now the proud suppliers of Fridge magnets, Accessories for Girls, Name boards and Albums using felt – all-in-a-style! We even extended our footprints in decorations for birthday Parties (backdrop, pom-pom, photo booth)- we know how to bang a PARTY! Return gifts and Decorative items are yet our core strength – which we customize for every occasion/need and work diligently on themes. Scrapbooks and Greeting cards are now bread and butter of the stuff-we-make, which for you means you now have a place that will make your memoirs of life are truly close to you and remain special.

Our untiring effort in being something new gives the personal touch, our fascination on crafting is making us learn and create happiness to the world around. And did we say- our sleepless nights are only to give a professional gesture? J Come, join us- for all that gets you that extra smile in your celebration!


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