Monday, 16 April 2018

Pocket letter - Birthday Theme

Hello, Friends

Dheepika here and I'm back with pocket letter.

Little about pocket letter
Pocket Letters are penpal letters in pocket format. Basically, you fill all the pockets of a 9 Pocket Page Protector (or similar) and send the whole page to someone who wants to swap or to your existing penpal(s). You fill the pockets with the components of a typical penpal letter. Items such as stickers, tea bags, ephemera, washi tape samples, and pictures can be added. A letter is included and tucked into one of the pockets. The Pocket Letter folds up easily and is then sent to your Pocket Letter Pal in a standard 10 size envelope. It's the perfect way to send and collect letters from other Pocket Letter Pals (i.e. people who are sending mail in this format) around the world. They also fit perfectly in a binder for easy storage! This can be a one-time exchange or you can swap Pocket Letters indefinitely. 

A step at a time:
  • Take an A4 size solid color card stock.
  • Place the stencil and apply ink on the card stock. I have chosen two colors one is a light shade (similar to the card stock color) and the other is a darker shade (matches the light shade).
  • Take a pocket sleeve and trim the stenciled card stock and fit it into the sleeves according.
  • 9 pockets are ready it is time to add some decoration to each pocket.
  • 1st pocket I have stamped the sentiment just for u.
  • 2nd pocket I have added the flower stamped, coloured and fussy cut.
  • 3rd pocket I have stamped the sentiment hugs and kisses and a lot of birthday wishes.
  • 4th pocket I have added some random sequins. 
  • 5th pocket I have added the thread and die cut piece with the letter M. 
  • 6th pocket I have stamped the hearts and added the die cut celebrate.
  • 7th pocket I have added the stamped, coloured and fussy cut image.
  • 8th I have added die cut sentiment enjoy and the cup cake stand.
  • 9th pocket I have decorated with some washi's and added heart die cut piece and stamped the sentiment.
  • After the decoration is completed. It is time to add goodies to the back side of the letter pocket. I have shared the picture with the goodies too.
  • Now the pocket letter is ready to send to your pen-pals.

Here are a few photographs of the project including close ups

Thank you for visiting our blog again,

Don't forget to be awesome!
Dheepika vasudhevan.

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